the unique professional resistance band for canine rehabilitation and conditioning

Canine Therapeutic Strengthening

DYNAMIC STABILITY is the ability of the body to maintain co-ordination and balance during movement, under control of the central nervous system (the brain). Dynamic stability depends on optimal proprioception (body awareness in space). In terms of function of the muscular system in movement, this is known as NEUROMOTOR CONTROL. Orthopaedic or neurological conditions can affect normal neuromotor control of associated muscles or muscle groups. Through PROPRIOCEPTIVE RETRAINING, neuromotor control can return to optimal function, promoting dynamic stability. The canineCCband™ system uses proprioceptive stimulation to activate neural pathways of muscles or muscle groups that are weaker or have a reduced activation due to orthopaedic or neurological conditions. This is known as proprioceptive retraining. Through different means of attaching the bands onto the body of the dog, different muscles are stimulated, either in combination with static exercises, or when used in movement (re)training.
canineCCband for hindquarter strengthening Video courtesy Dr. Monica Sartori, MV        Photos below courtesy Debranne Pattillo
Abdominal and hindquarter strengthening
Abdominal and hindquarter strengthening
abdominal and scapulothoracic strengthening
canineCCband placement for hindquarter strengthening
  • Whole-body workout for core strengthening; can be used statically and in movement
  • Ideal to improve neuromotor control of specific muscles or muscle groups
  • Optimal adjunct to various forms of physiotherapy to promote dynamic stability
  • Ideal for low-impact strengthening in rehabilitation of specific limb(s) or conditions of the spine
  • Adapted for different levels of rehabilitation and conditioning
  • Easy to fit under guidance from your veterinarian and qualified animal rehabilitation therapist