the unique professional resistance band for canine rehabilitation and conditioning


canineCCband™ was developed by a specialist group of veterinarians, veterinary physiotherapists and sports therapists, whose practices focus on canine sports medicine. Through various trials, the strengths of the three different bands were tested until they were optimal for use in the different phases of rehabilitation and conditioning. canineCCband™ has a unique texture to give optimal proprioceptive feedback, with only a light constant contact. canineCCband™ is indicated for use in dogs who are in good health, as part of a controlled conditioning programme for general health. canineCCband™ is also indicated for working dogs, or dogs training or participating in sports, such as agility. Dogs must be free of any musculoskeletal or neurological conditions when using canineCCband™ for general conditioning. canineCCband™ is strongly indicated for use in clinical therapeutic settings, as an adjunct to treatments including physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and acupuncture. In dogs with diagnosed clinical conditions, canineCCband™ must only be fitted by a professional therapist under veterinary guidance. canineCCband™ must not be fitted during acute episodes of pain or discomfort.

Specific conditions that benefit from use of canineCCband™:
  • spinal column and pelvic orthopaedic disorders such as osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) or disc herniation
  • neurological disorders such as muscle wastage/weakness (neurogenic atrophy), Wobbler’s, degenerative myelopathies or balance problems (compromised vestibular function)
  • general symmetrical strengthening and conditioning in the young dog or sports/performance dog
  • general loss of core strength following injury or surgery
  • maintenance of strength and balance in the geriatric dog
  • management of obesity
  • hip or elbow dysplasia
  • cruciate ligament injury (after clinical treatment, in rehabilitation phase)
  • general post-surgical strengthening (in rehabilitation phase)
At right: Real-time and slow-motion evaluation on a treadmill, with use of canineCCband for hip dysplasia

canineCCband™ is safe for use on a treadmill, in an underwater treadmill, on a vibrational plate, and in conjunction with exercises that promote dynamic stability. canineCCband™ can be integrated in daily walk/exercise programmes, under advice from a veterinarian or qualified canine therapist.

Harness attachment for use of canineCCband™ in daily walking exercise

canineCCband™ is easy to apply, is fully re-usable, and is latex-free

Hindquarter strengthening
  Video and photos courtesy Dr. Monica Sartori, MV
Thoracic sling and abdominal conditioning for lower back dysfunction