the unique professional resistance band for canine rehabilitation and conditioning

How To Use

canineCCband™ can be used in isolation over specific limbs or parts of the body, or by attachment to the dog’s own exercise harness  
The strength or resistance depends on amount of stretch being applied to the band  
It is suggested that resistance training starts with the lightest strength band (canineCCband™ 1)

Photo and videos courtesy Dr. Monica Sartori, MV
canineCCband™ 1: LIGHT RESISTANCE for early stages of rehabilitation or conditioning canineCCband™ 2: MEDIUM RESISTANCE for strengthening and muscular endurance canineCCband™ 3: HEAVY RESISTANCE for advanced movement retraining
resistance canineCCband™ is suggested solely for use in a professional therapeutic setting, under veterinary guidance
General Hindquarter Conditioning
Cruciate Ligament Conditioning
Hip Displaysia Advanced Work