the unique professional resistance band for canine rehabilitation and conditioning

Safety Precautions

  canineCCband™ is suggested solely for use in a professional therapy setting, under veterinary guidance Start with lightest resistance (canineCCband™ 1) Initiate use slowly, with reduced training time and added rest breaks Cease use with canineCCband™ immediately if the dog demonstrates overt resistance to work with the band, or any manifestations of discomfort or pain


  • Dogs fitted with canineCCband™ must not be left unattended
  • canineCCband™ must not be ingested
  • Keep canineCCband™ away from extreme heat or cold
  • Wash canineCCband™with water only


Neither Caninecore Concepts™ nor any authorised distributor or retailer of canineCCband™ will be held liable for any personal accident, injury or damage resulting from the use of canineCCband™. Full responsibility lies with the individual who elects to use canineCCband™ for dogs under his or her care.

Photos courtesy Dr. Monica Sartori, MV