Canine Core Concepts


The Unique Professional Resistance Band for Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning

Dynamic Canine Core Rehabilitation & Conditioning
The canineCCband™ system uses proprioceptive stimulation to activate neural pathways of muscles or muscle groups that are weaker or have a reduced activation.
canineCCband™ is strongly indicated for use in clinical therapeutic settings, as an adjunct to treatments including physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and acupuncture.
The strength or resistance depends on amount of stretch being applied to the band. canineCCband™ can be used in isolation over specific limbs or parts of the body.

Canine Core
Strength &

The concept of Dynamic Stability, better understood as balance during movement, is key in canine locomotion. Essentially, this involves isometric or stabilizing contraction of core muscles during movement, allowing the limbs and spine to move without a loss of balance.

Core Retraining
Proprioceptive retraining, or movement retraining, links the brain and the body (or a specific bodypart) in positional control. Movement retraining is a gradual process, where the body is given cues to alter its position. These cues are processed in the Central Nervous System (CNS) to react with the desired movement pattern.


The canineCCband™ system is available in three band strengths, allowing for a gradual increase of proprioceptive stimuli. canineCCband™ is latex free, and the band is unique, as it was developed with a specific texture that is exclusive for use on the coat or skin of small animals. canineCCband™ can be attached directly to the harnass of the dog, but it can also be applied to individual limbs.